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Privacy Policy

Policy of the Board of Directors
Clark County Rural Electric Membership Corporation

Policy Serial No.  CII-206

Date of Revision: May 6, 2015
Date of Review: July 9, 2013
Date of Adoption: May 7, 2002

In order to protect the privacy rights of  members, any personal  information, including addresses, telephone numbers,  social security numbers,  credit and payment information is considered privileged.  Any release of member lists may only include names and addresses and may not include telephone numbers, social security numbers, or credit and payment information and may only be released upon direction of the board of directors.  No other privileged information may be released to third parties as a part of a list unless directed by  valid judicial order.  Nothing contained  in this policy shall prevent REMC from releasing privileged information of an individual customer in the process of collection of unpaid amounts due to the REMC by a customer. Nothing contained in this policy shall prevent REMC from releasing privileged information about a member if the member signs and delivers (or has delivered) to the REMC his/her/its written consent signed by the member whose name appears on the account, or an authorized representative of the member if the member is a corporation, company, LLC, church, or other organization, allowing privileged information to be released to a third party who is specifically identified in the written consent.  



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